Work: Open Source Machine Learning Strategy Lead, Azure
Worked: Google, Chef, Amazon & Microsoft (Exchange, IE, Vista, Research)
Co-founder: Hark, MTS and Formatta
Open Source Projects: Kubernetes & Kubeflow

I am:

David Aronchick

I believe:


We must ACTIVELY use our skill, passion and energy for the good of humanity.

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About Me

I lead Open Source Machine Learning Strategy at Azure. This means I spend most of my time helping humans to convince machines to be smarter. I am only moderately successful at this.

Previously, I led product management for Kubernetes on behalf of Google, launched Google Kubernetes Engine, and co-founded the Kubeflow project. I have also worked at Microsoft, Amazon and Chef and co-founded three startups.

When not spending too much time in service of electrons, I can be found on a mountain (on skis), traveling the world (via restaurants) or participating in kid activities, of which there are a lot more than I remember than when I was that age.


My Mission

We have seen technology do some amazing things. But, we've also seen technology misused, misapplied, or just plain broken.

These failures, more often than not, are because we take a hands off approach to what we build and how it will be used.

If we are going to leave the world a better place than it was when we found it, we must come together to ensure that it is easy to use tech for good, and hard for it to be used for bad.

I'm passionate about doing this in three areas:

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is hard!
​My job at Azure is to try to
make it less so.

Whether or not it is on the Azure Cloud, I'd love to hear about
what I can do to help.

Open Data

We collect an INSANE amount of information, only a tiny fraction of which is put to good use.

If you need data, have data you think should be publicly available or want someone
to collect data, let me know.

We all share a single planet and to survive as a species,
we've got to get it together.

I would love to bring more attention, help or funding to any effort that might help us get there.

The Environment

My Talks